21 Day Cleanse Results

March 11, 2017

I started off feeling tired, sluggish, overwhelmed and really just had too many treats slipping in to my diet.  I wasn’t feeling my best and knew I needed a good re-boot!  A re-boot that would help me cleanse my body and feel my best physically and mentally and that is exactly with the 21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse did for me!


In 21 Days I gained so much clarity, focus and excitement in my health and fitness journey.  I lost 7.6 lbs and 8.25 inches but the mental transformation for me was priceless.  It was the shift I needed to re-gain control and move forward with my health and fitness goals.

One of my great friends just recently finished as well and entered her results in to the Beachbody Challenge and won $1000!  I have had the privilege to mentor Shalida and she has become a dear friend of mine!  Yep…15 lbs lost in 21 days and let me just say, she feels incredible!!!

What does the cleanse entail….

The Cleanse is a full body, whole food based cleanse.  No starvation on this one, I promise!  There are 6 supplements and a full menu to follow.  I love the structure and recently followed the “Menu in a crunch” option because I was more short on time.  I love that there are two options for menus.  The cleanse is designed to detox every organ, tissue and cell in your body and re-boot your body and metabolism.  It was exactly what I was needing in my journey.


What’s next….

After I finished the cleanse I was excited for another plan.  I need structure and went right in to the 21 Day Fix!  I was so excited to follow a simple, seamless family friendly plan that gave me enough structure for my fitness and nutrition, but yet something I could have options and more food choices with.  I created my own meal plans and share those with my Challengers.  I have many women currently doing the 21 Day Cleanse in which I am guiding and mentoring them through with support.  I just had another client finish one day before me who lost 15 lbs and 18 inches.

Truly an amazing transformation.  This program is designed in a way that really brings a shift mentally and physically.  This was my 6th time doing the Ultimate Reset and each time I get better with my nutrition, have more clarity and focus for where I am headed.



If you would like more info on the 21 Day Ultimate Reset, email me at Jess@mybodybyjess.com and type “21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse” in the subject.




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