80 day obsession: Come along with this Mama

80 Day Obsession:

Happy December to you!!

Can you believe we are just a few weeks away from celebrating a new year? I am always amazed at how each year flies by. What about you?! Was your 2017 as crazy as mine?! So now what about 2018?  What plans do you have? Have you already started to dream about what goals you will achieve?

You, me and here. Starting January 15th.

Well listen up… if your goals have anything to do with your arms, abs and booty then please give me just a moment of your time because this Mama right here is excited!  You see this lady right here in the center of me? Maybe you know her from The 21 Day Fix and a few other kick ass programs?!?!

And if you don’t already know this — she is the one who helped me get THESE results – the RESULTS I was always after!! The abdominal muscles I desired, but didn’t know how to achieve because my lack of nutrition. She is the one who helped me drop 23 lbs in 6 weeks post my second c-section, while learning how to maintain that weight loss {while still eating my pizza 🍕and Nachos }… helping me FINALLY form a HEALTHY relationship with food and learn how to eat properly and effectively for ME to get results & maintain them!!

Welp, she has a BRAND NEW 80 Day program that was just released THIS week! The 80 Day Obsession is a no-nonsense workout and nutrition program that is crazy effective! We are talking about 80 days straight of a different workout every single day! That is right. You will not do the same workout ever in the whole 80 days.

And that is not the only reason I am blown away…

I also (get this) will be in an EXCLUSIVE test group with HER!!!! I get to start & finish this program with HER & our NUTRITION TEAM. Basically — I get ACCESS to all the inside scoop — to ask questions, DAILY motivation and to be coached BY AUTUMN herself for the full 80 DAYS!🌟

AND, here’s what’s in it for YOU…👇🏼

I get to hand select FIVE 🖐🏼 people to be in this test group with me. I get to pick 5 women that are ready to put themselves back on the top of the list and who are ready and willing to commit to 80 days of hard-work & healthy, balanced eating.

Does this sound like you?

This life changing event starts January 15th and runs through April 14th.

If you are willing, ready and serious… then I want to talk to you! Send me a message today and let’s see if you qualify to be one of the five amazing women… that come April 15th will no longer be “thinking” about reaching their goals… but instead living them! Are you ready for this?!

If you still aren’t sure check the following videos out… I’m pretty sure you will be messaging me after these! Can’t wait to talk to you more!

To see real, no filter results from the program click here!!!

Ready to kickstart a lifestyle that will ensure long term success?

My goal is to help you begin a healthy lifestyle, not only for you but also your family! Download my program and start your journey to a healthier you.

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