Beachbody Programs: Shift Shop

July 23, 2017

Beachbody Programs: Shift Shop

Hey you! Yes YOU! The one killing her workout every single day, but feeling stuck! The lady who is eating kale 7 days a week and still hasn’t reached her goal weight! Is that you?! I feel you!! I see it every day! People busting their butt and not seeing the results they want! People eating clean and not achieving the goals they are working so hard to achieve! Heck!!! Look at me!! We are all a work in progress and looking for that program that is going to make the difference… that is going to make a positive shift in our minds, body and spirit.

I am a girl that eats well, exercises regularly, drinks almost a gallon of water a day… but has been jumping through hoops to figure out my body!! Doing all the right things… but my body just didn’t seem to be functioning properly.

Then I was asked to be a part of a test group of one of our newest program- Shift Shop. And you know me! I am willing! So I said yes. And I gave it my all. It was this program that helped me laser focus on ME! Yes on ME! The thing is… sometimes we think we are doing everything “right, but often times we get so busy in our everyday routine and taking care of others that we start neglecting certain aspects of our health and well being.

Let me just say the fricking SHIFT has been made and it is GO time! This was only 21 days! Only 21 days…can you believe it?! I mean a girl that has been struggling to see results due to a mess of stuff and stuck in the same ole same ole to this… Two weeks of pooping daily too! 💩💩 I mean that right there needs a standing ovation in itself if you know me well! 🤣😉 My digestion is better, my clarity and my focus!


You might see these pictures of my one round results and think… well she didn’t have much to lose!!! But this my friends was straight up a mindset shift that was like losing 25 pounds for me!!! Plus I lost 4.75 inches overall and 3 of those from my waist alone!!! What?!

So what’s a girl to do when she finds something that works?! She shares it… and she shares it with all the passion in the world! So here I am sharing with you some good news!!! My first test group that starts this coming Monday is FULL!!! We got a bunch of ladies ready to make that shift we all need so much…. BUT this is my shout out to you that come August we are offering a “second chance” test group due to all of the interest!!

You get the workouts, the nutrition plan, the daily mind blowing personal development that makes the mind shift and a 30 day supply of body moving Super Foods! Is it easy?! Heck no!!! BUT… you will move past your discomfort and make the shift from limiting belief to limitless. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready for a shift? Then this is the program for you!!! Email me now to secure a spot in our August “Second Chance” test group at .

If you still need a little more info check-out the official program details & results by clicking the link below! Are you ready to make the shift?!

See the SHIFT SHOP Results!