Healthy SuperMom Kickstart

March 6, 2017

Do you struggle with time management, making yourself a priority and truly just fitting everything in to your day?!  I did too!  I found that I was taking care of my kids, husband, house and others before myself.  What I realized was that I could actually squeeze in time each day to take care of me, too and in doing so had more energy, more confidence and felt more balanced.

Adding Structure….

I never felt like I was a structured person.  I pride myself on being fun-loving, outgoing, on the go and spontaneous.  My husband says I could be a “gypsy”, because I love to just go and explore.  Although, my dream was to be a mama and married, I felt that in order to be happy that had to come with inside me.  I needed to make ME happy, in order to make others happy around me and lead by example for my family.

Even as a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, we need accountability.  I found when I followed the Beachbody programs, I would see greater success, then when I would go to the gym and put myself through workouts.  WHY?!  Because I was following a structured plan.  A plan that was proven with science and created in a way to create results.  Sign me up, right?!  Well, sort of.  I would follow the workouts, but not the nutrition.  I always told myself, that I knew how to eat.  I knew what to do and just needed accountability.  NOPE!  I needed to follow the plan, nutrition and fitness in order to see the results that I was wanting to achieve.  It was simple.  Fitness, Nutrition & Support is where I got the greatest results and now that is why I too coach many women virtually and help them do the same.  It is my passion to help others build confidence, crush goals and become the best versions of themselves and in that create a life of freedom.


For me it was the accountability, the support that I fell in love with!  The fun of other women posting and sharing in a private facebook group that motivated me each day, even on days I didn’t feel like it!  I hear my clients say all the time “Because I looked at our Fitness Accountability group this morning, I found then motivation to workout!”  or “Susie is so inspiring!  Her results are incredible.  I want to do the program she is doing!”  Truly we are all a work in progress, myself included.  I just figured out a way to find balance for me and share that with others.  I was running around like a chicken with my head off, working full time, being mom, not fulfilled, feeling like I was just running a rat race to now having balance, structure and with that low stress and great success.  My passion is paying that forward and helping others find balance and purpose while feeling their best.

Call to Action….

Join me starting March 13th in my Free 7 Day Healthy SuperMom Kickstart, to kickstart your journey in motion and get started with time management tips to fit it all in and find time for you, so you can feel your best and crush goals!  Self confidence is the best looking outfit a girl can wear and I want to help you find that!

I just finished the 21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse myself yesterday and this morning began my new 21 Day Journey of the 21 Day Fix!  Yes, I need a plan!  A plan that is simple, fun and effective!  Something that I can squeeze in my day and have fun in doing so, while cooking for me and my family!

Don’t forget….

Email me at if you would like to join my Free 7 Day SuperMom Kickstart!  I would love to have you join me!  Before you email me, invite a friend!  These groups are always more fun with friends!!

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