Mindset: This Mama Can’t Get it Together

September 20, 2017


Can you relate?! It’s every mother’s dream when the kids go back to school! So many illusions of a quiet house, everything put away in it’s perfect organized spot and some time for Mama. Time to workout, time to catch up on some reading, time for some gardening and … wait… yeah, no. In theory this should totally be the case, but in real life it seems to rarely be the case! Believe me. I have been there, done that.

So what’s a Mama to do?! First things first. All amazing super Moms (like you and I) have got to get the mindset right. Once the mindset’s right… nobody and nothing can stop us!

Super Mom Mindset Hacks to try this week:

  1. Mindset Hack #1- A nightly “to-do” list- Quickly jot down the top 5 priorities you have for the following day. That’s it! You will get more sleep knowing that you got those “nagging” thoughts out of your head and on paper.
  2. Mindset Hack #2- Create a morning ritual– Frankly I know this isn’t “easy”, but it is the secret sauce to having an amazing mindset and a super productive day! Do your best to get up at the same time each day. Know exactly what you will do each morning when you wake up and repeat it until it is a habit! This will not only become enjoyable for you, but will also seriously increase your productivity as there won’t be any mindless wandering around for the first 1 hour while you are “waking up”… 🙂

    25 pound dumbbells at 5 a.m. baby!

  3. Mindset Hack #3- Get your workout done before you have time to talk yourself out of it- I mean even if you LOVE working out (which most people don’t) I totally recommend getting it done first thing in the morning and making it part of your morning ritual! I personally get it done BEFORE my kids wake up. There are just too many days that if I would not have done it first thing it just wouldn’t have happened. Do you have to workout early in the morning?! No! Of course not. But it’s what works for me and so many other Super Moms out there ;).Plus your mindset will be amazing! You will feel like a boss and totally lighter on your feet all day long knowing you got your workout DONE, instead of that “hanging over you”, “still got to do it” feeling. You know what I’m talking about, right?!
  4. Mindset Hack #4- Daily Positive AffirmationsI know, I know… I felt “silly” doing them at first as well. But the reason you keep hearing about doing daily affirmations is because they work! They get your mindset RIGHT. They get your mind out of the “I can’t” world and into the “I am” going to rock the universe today world! Start with just 1 minute a day and then work up from there. Say them out loud! Say them in the bathroom when you are getting ready! Say them as part of your morning ritual! Say them after you drop the kids off at school! Make it a point to do this each day! Believe me. If you want to get it together then just repeat “I have it together. I am organized. I am…” Well you get what I am saying! Here are some of my favorite affirmations! 

So hey! Us Mamas won’t ever have it “all together” but we sure can be AMAZING if we get our minds right! Who is with me?! You ready to rock this school year?! Let’s do this ladies! Be sure to share with me which one of these tips was most helpful!!

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