Moms who Work from Home

August 12, 2017

Moms who Work from Home

Was it all just a dream?!

Team house for Coach Summit 2017!

I can’t even believe that it has already been ONE WHOLE month since I was standing here with all the excitement in the world. Right there on the streets of New Orleans and about to enter in the house that would be our team’s fun, happy home for our yearly Coach Summit!! How cute was this place?!! I mean seriously.

So what is this Coach Summit thing all about you might ask?!

Basically the highlight of my year! I know, I know. I take a lot of adventures each year (hard to believe I rarely got out of my little town before)… but seriously this is one of my yearly favorites!  A chance to surround myself with my team. With MY people!! With thousands of like-minded, beautiful souls that are on the same mission as I am. To become the best versions of ourselves, while designing a life that allows us to be fully present in the lives of our families. To create a life that allows us to be our healthiest selves, while helping others to believe and achieve the same! Like a real sisterhood (well with a few brothers in there too 😉 ).  A community of people that believe in each other… and are willing to give you a hand… or a push 😉 to help you work towards your dreams even when you might think they are too big or too scary!!

But Summit isn’t just a big “bond-fest” (LOL), it’s also a chance to work-out together, learn together, grow together and celebrate together! So many people each year reach BIG goals in their personal health journey and their business!! And of course they share all of their best tips with us on how to help MORE people! How to change MORE lives for the better!!! Of course the amazing thing about being a Beachbody Coach is that when you succeed on the business side of things, it simply means you are HELPING more people to be THEIR best, healthiest, happiest selves!!! How exciting to celebrate life-changes and life-changers!!

Some of my ladies!

So here I am… a month later just thinking back… remembering what it felt like to be surrounded for 5 days by amazing, happy, caring individuals that LOVE health and fitness and want to live a life of freedom.  It was nothing short of MIND-BLOWING! I am so very grateful and so blessed to be a part of this community and have so much FIRE in my belly to crush some big ass goals and change more lives!!!

Of course I am ONLY one person…. So I need HELP!!!

With so many people desperately looking for help to change their lives:  I am building an ever growing team of woman that have purpose and drive to not only change their own lives for the better, but that have that same passion to help others along the way!!! If you are curious to see if this Coach “thing”, is the RIGHT fit for you, please contact me! I mean when I accidentally clicked the “coach” button so many years ago I honestly didn’t think it was for me.  And LOOK AT ME NOW!!!! Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my current life! And even if you aren’t ready to to help others or build your own business from your phone… but would like to JUST focus on YOU right now and finding your healthiest, happiest self… well you KNOW I am ready to do this WITH you! Contact me today! There is definitely room in this sisterhood for YOU!

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