Pre Baby Body Plan

Do you want to lose weight, gain energy, confidence and truly have a simple plan that allows you to enjoy your life and feel your best?

Many Mamas want a plan that is simple, easy and effective in an every day life to get them to their pre pregnancy body and weight, right?!  Some mamas want to maybe even look and feel better then they did pre baby and that is awesome!

As a Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist you could say I knew what I was doing, but just as any other busy mama, I needed a plan and accountability in sticking to the plan.  I needed a goal and a reason of Why that was going to motivate me to put one foot in front of the other each day that I could fight for.  My reason, my why was because I wanted  to feel my best, have great energy and confidence so I could lead by example and be the best I could for my husband and kids.

My Pre-Baby Body Plan….

After my second c-section, I remembering sitting in the hospital trying to think of what my plan was going to be when I was released.  What was my plan to get back to my pre baby body and get that energy that I desired, while being down for 6 weeks in recovery.  #Boom it came to me.  The 21 Day Fix!  I could follow the simple portion control system and continue drinking my Shakeology which greatly helped my digestion and energy anyways and I could do both while recovering from my c-section and while I was nursing.  I was excited and ready to get my energy back just as many mamas are after having their babies.

The Journey & Results…..

I was released on a Sunday and Monday was my start date!  I followed the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan with portion control and bumped up in a category for nursing Rudy.  I drank my Shake daily and day after day continued to feel better, gain more energy and what I found was it was simple.  I could eat what everyone else in the family ate, just portioned out.  This was awesome!

After finishing 21 days of just the portion control, I was feeling great and decided to do it again, because I had another 3 weeks left until I was cleared to exercise.  I followed the program and did the same thing for another 21 days and after my second round was down 23 lbs and was 1/2 lighter then I was when I got pregnant.  I felt amazing!  My confidence was through the roof and I was convicted that this was my program!!

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If I could follow a simple portion control system and have it be this simple, so could other mamas!  My mission was to help other mamas fight for that same feeling I wanted and fought for.  I began sharing my journey and helping other mamas do just what I did with the 21 day fix and provided them a private group and support as well.

I love fitness and look at fitness as my fuel and energy, however that was not an option for me for at least 6 weeks, being I just had a c-section.  I knew that the 21 Day Fix worked and created a plan!  I knew it was possible and that I just had to put in the work!  My energy was better, my milk supply was better and my moods were much better, compared to my first pregnancy.

Nutrition is such a key role in all of this and eating properly is just what I needed in order to reach my goals and improve my energy!!!  Needless to say, if I could do it…so can you!  It is a decision, followed by action!  I wanted to feel my best for my family and it was fun to be on this journey.  The best part is I am still on this crazy journey and have maintained my weight loss now for 2 years, only to get stronger, healthier and more confident in my own skin!  Now I get to enjoy delicious food, 30 minute workouts and follow a simple structured plan that allows me to enjoy my food and see great results, while being a busy mama and wife!


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