Is There Room for Fitness Within My Busy Life?

February 21, 2017

Let’s face it we all have very busy lives and while we’re running here and there, doing 5 million things a day. I agree, it can be challenging to figure out how to squeeze fitness into our everyday routine. As little importance that we put on fitness it is an extremely important part of our everyday lives that we are lacking. It is important that we take those few minutes a day to help benefit ourselves, which in the long run will help others around us. By taking just a couple minutes for ourselves each day we can expect to see benefits such as,
Increased productivity
Mood enhancer
An increase in energy – we can all use this, right?!
Self esteem booster
And that’s just a few to get started! By increasing our productivity we’ll be able to change that exhausting 5 million things to do to 6 million done with no problem. You are worth it! No-one is going to give you time, you have to take it and to take those few minutes each day for ourselves, the results could have nothing but a positive impact. As women, most of us feel guilty for taking time but honestly your mindset should be – “I am taking this time to be a better person for those I love”

It’s vital for us to do this for ourselves and our families. It is especially important since we’re the busy mama’s that do not get days off. By taking the time each day to work on our fitness it not only helps us, but helps us be more a more positive, present example for our kiddos .

Here are three tips that will help pave the way for our better fitness journey.
Track your food! Counting calories works, but instead of counting calories we need to start monitoring if what we are putting into our bodies. 2 Oreos are no equal to a chicken breast wrap even though the calories may say so. By tracking your food you become more conscious and aware of what you are putting in your body. What you put into your body comes out in the way of how we feel, our hormones, our energy, etc. Just remember this “Garbage in- garbage out”
Being able to see what you put into your body creates an accountability factor that you cannot deny.
You are not alone. Buying groceries, making dinner, being a wife and mama is not easy and often times we feel alone through the day by day routine, but you’re not. There are many of us who can relate to each other in more ways than one when it comes to being over stressed and out of shape. Accountability and support is an important part of fitness journey. Having support will help motivate you towards the ultimate goal- a healthy life! If you are looking for a support network to reach your fitness goals, check out my free group.

Find your fix! As busy mamas we often get caught up in the day and skip a meal. Starving yourself backfires. Our bodies are incredibly smart. It knows that if you don’t feed it for hours that whatever the next thing you do eat it will want to hold onto and store every calorie. Your body will go into storing mode because it doesn’t want to chance another 8 hours without food. On the flip side if you eat smaller meals every 2-4 hours your body actually will burn the calories faster because it’s been trained that another meal is coming soon. If you’re worried about having the right nutrients for the day you can use supplements or super rich nutrients like a protien shake. Finding the right protein shake for you could fill in the blank that we need. Protein shakes are easy and quick to make. This is a great supplement for one of your 4 meals in the day.

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