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February 27, 2017
You know the hustle as a busy mama, running kids around to sports and chasing little ones around the house.  Making sure kids are fed, toilets are scrubbed, laundry is washed, dinner is made, hubby is well taken care of and well if there is any time, maybe you can can kick your feet up in the evening to relax only to have kids fighting, wrestling and goofing off.  No rest for mama, right?!  Do you feel me on this?!
What I have learned is that life does not slow down.  Life doesn’t cut many breaks and lord knows we all have the same 24 hrs in a day, so how do we do it?!  How do other mamas look like they have it all together?
 What I have come to realize is that I thrive on structure.  I never thought I did, but I love to be busy.  I love to be spontaneous and have tons of fun with my kids and hubby, but I also like the feeling of crushing my To-Do list and getting things accomplished.  6 years ago before I started my own online fitness coaching business from home, I was a full time Personal Trainer & Nutritionist working full time hours and running around like a chicken with my head cut off with my little girl.  Client to client, Class to class and let me just say that was tiring.  I loved what I did, but I was drained.  My tank you could say was empty.  Why?! Because I had no down time.  I had no time to think, let alone time to take a bath.  I loved what I did, but had not freedom of time.
Then there was a change. Six years ago when I decided to take an opportunity and take a leap of faith, I realized that in the pockets of time I did have that I could create something that would long term give my family more freedom.  I didn’t honestly think I had any extra time to begin another “thing”, but I also knew if I didn’t do something different, then my rat race was going to remain the same.  I wanted more and felt there had to be more out there, but just didn’t know exactly what that looked like.  As I began my new gig, I found pockets of time 15 minutes here and there to build my business.  After 6/7 months of consistency I was seeing the pay offs and rewards.  A year later I had earned a family vacation to the Bahamas that I was so ecstatic about.  The thought of traveling was never in the cards for us.  We just couldn’t afford it.  Almost 6 years later our life is now lived by design.  We work hard and play hard.  Building our business now together from our 7 acre farm out in Oregon.  Never would I imagine how taking the chance on this opportunity could have changed my life and my families life so much.  But how did I do it…….
Well, through a willingness to figure it out, a lot of hustle, heart and good work ethic!  I created a structured plan and crushed a simple To-Do list daily!  Structure in a busy SuperMom Wife Life is crucial to executing goals and accomplishing what you set out to do.

Here are a 5 simple steps to helping you best execute your day!

1.)  Create a To-Do List each and every day at the same time each day
2.)  Only things that MUST get done TODAY go on that list.  You can create a different To-Do list of items for the week, if you wish (Which I do)
3.)  Do the items on your list that you hate the most FIRST.  WHY?!  Because you will just put them off and they will never get done.
4.)  Carry your list with you EVERYWHERE you go!!
5.)  Conquer each item with a smile.  Enjoy the Journey!!
Stay tuned for more updates on this SuperMom Life!!  For now…Go crush your To-Do list! 😉
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