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Is there such thing as work-life balance as a personal trainer?

January 23, 2017

You are starting a typical weekend, it’s Saturday morning and you get up early to go to the gym to meet your first client at 8 am. You have 15 minutes to wait so you jump on the treadmill to get a quick run in. After a few minutes, you see your phone beeping with a text message. Your 8 am client canceled, he had a late night last night and is not up to getting up and working out this early in the morning.

Well, you are relieved that you are at least up at the gym working out, making no money, while your family is home waking up and making a lazy weekend breakfast, without you. OOOR, not! Personal training can be draining, frustrating, lonely and sometimes infuriating. It is also rewarding and enjoyable when you are able to balance your personal life with your personal trainer life.

You want to help people make positive changes, gain energy, get in shape, build muscle and live longer, but you would love to do it without the frustration of 8 am, and 9 pm gym times, with a client that ends up canceling at the last minute.


A great way to make changes in your life and to make sure you are living the life you want is to evaluate yourself. Did you become a personal trainer because people know the real you? Because you share your struggles and triumphs? Because you want others to gain from the lessons you have learned and choices you have made with fitness and nutrition, and the lifestyle you lead? And how effective are you now with those you are training, how effective are you in your personal time with your friends and family? Being a good leader (which is essentially what a trainer is) means always improving yourself. There may be a better way for your to lead/coach/train, help others make changes and still be present for your family!


So while you are built to help others. Your passion is to help others, you may be short-changing yourself and your family by not being present in the times when they are home and around. Would you like to encourage others, educate and do research to benefit others, and still stay home and be there for the important moments with your own family?

You Are Not Alone

I would like to help YOU help others. Showing up at the gym, only to be canceled can be lonely and leave you feeling unimportant. But you don’t have to coach alone! Our Rockstar Team can help you change your journey from early morning, late evening gym appointments to one where you have support and others doing what you do and loving it!

You already have knowledge, no disputing that, but I can help you with the tools you need to succeed and take those tools in a direction that allows you to have great success while being present for the rest of your life as well.

You don’t have to have the perfect blog, know everything about a website page, or even have a perfectly toned body before you become a coach.So be fearless, follow your heart, lead with passion. If you do those things others will follow you and you will naturally rise to the top!!! Contact me for more information or check out my page!

“Never build a business so that you can be better than someone else, build a business and create a huge life so that you can help others more!!!

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